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Most important tool when traveling with dogs.

As you all know we don't only travel with our dogs from time to time like most people do. That is not our case. We live full time in our 31' foot RV named Poe. Needless to say this is the dogs home too, and as such they spend most of their time here with us.

On our first year of full time RV life we where still getting the hang of things. Learning all the do's and dont's of RVing. This is truly a trial and error process, specially when traveling with pets. What worked for some people sometimes didn't work for us or it wasn't ideal. But then again most people don't have 10 dogs like we do. We got the hang of things pretty quickly (thank God). We embraced and loved our RV life, but when the time came for us to leave the RV for any reason, that's the moment things became very stressful.

Like most pet parents our dogs well being and safety is ALWAYS our top priority, no question about it. We would not leave the RV alone for more than 2-3 hours top. Keep in mind the RV is our home, so it was frustrating not being able to hike the trails we wanted, go out with our extended family or even a simple movie night was out of the question. Every activity needed to happen near the RV. Even then our minds would go crazy thinking about things like, is everything ok? are the dogs ok? is the temperature inside the RV ok? is the generator still running? is there still power in the RV? and of course this line of thought would always end in... we need to get back NOW! At that moment we knew we needed to do something about it. Rving with dogs shouldn't be so hard.

We started looking at multiple temperature monitors many pet people recommended. After much much research we stumbled across the Nimble RV Pet Safety.

Nimble RV Pet Safety unit

The Nimble RV Pet Safety is a compact temperature monitor thats allows you to keep track of the temperature inside your RV, it's design allows you to move it and use it where ever you want to. When you buy the device you also pay a monthly subscription. You can choose a month to month or the yearly subscription. We live full time in the RV so we subscribed for the whole year. Best part, it doesn't work with wifi! This device uses your cellular network, sending real time alerts to your phone, both as text and emails.

It's also super easy to set up. All you need is to download the app on your phone and decide where you want to place the device. You can also personalize it with your pet’s picture, name and set temperature ranges of your choice. You will get notifications when the temperature drops or exceeds your ranges. You can also turn off the notifications if you needed. How cool it's that!

On a hike
RV pet safety app

But the one thing that we love most about this device is that the unit has a rechargeable battery you can plug in to a power outlet. If your generator fails, or the power in the RV goes out, you will know! When this happens you will receive a notification (a text) saying the device is running on battery. This is so so awesome. Now we can go out knowing the dogs are ok. For us that is priceless.

So far we haven't had any issues with the device, and we've already had it for a whole year.

When you decide on Rving with your pets this is the first item on the list!

Heres a couple of codes to get things rolling!

Go to and use the code TCE40 for the monthly subscription and TCE60 for the yearly subscription.

All is good in the RV

Got any questions?

Hit us up! We love to hear from you!

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