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Episode 3!

It feels like forever since we shared a Vlog. A lot has happened, but lets go back to our time in Dallas, TX for the UFO and Skyhoundz qualifier.

2018 has been a very challenging and productive year. For the first time since we moved to the states, we are not tied to a contract stating we have to do shows with a specific person. There is good and bad in that. The bad is theres no knowing when and where our next paycheck is coming from (super scary at times), but the good is we are free and open to do what ever we want with our time. This year we decided to focus not only on growing The Canine Experience but to get very competitive with some of our dogs.

In the past having a set, full schedule did not allow us to compete very much. The high disc season and the finals would always over lapse with work. But this year we made it our goal to qualify the girls for all the world finals held in the US this year. We set the dates in our calendar of all the competitions we wanted to go to from the beginning of the season and decided not to take any work that would keep us from going. So... let's do this!

We started with our competition trail in Florida. Now we are heading to Dallas TX!

The goal: Qualify Poison Ivy and Sky in UFO and in Skyhoundz for Freestyle, not leaving behind the mighty Sushi, she needed a qualifying spot for Micro Dog in Skyhoundz.

All the girls placed!

Overall most goals where achieved. But this competition in particular was very very special to us. Not only did the girls placed on both days but for the first time ever we both made podium together! Both Sky and Poison Ivy got their qualifying spots for UFO and Skyhoundz. Sushi placed 3rd in the Micro Dog division and didn't make the cut but we'll get there.

But as always the best part of any disc competition is spending time with our disc dog family!!!

Team Hero representing!

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