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Little Big Dog

Level: Expert

I’m Ultra Dynamite, or just Ultra, although my aunt calls me The Beast.  I’m about 12 pounds and 6 years old.  I might look a little bit like a Chihuahua but not really, maybe just the size. I don’t ever stop moving, I mean why stop?  I like to play all day with my big sister Ivy, she’s much bigger than me but that doesn’t stop me! I’m learning so many new tricks, playing Frisbee, agility, learning to dive off the dock, and perfecting my handstand.  My mom found me through a rescue on our way through St. Louis; I was only 3 months old and fit into the palm of your hand.  It was really adorable the first time I jumped up the RV steps.  I love my life and all the fun stuff we get to do!

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