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Trash Talker

Level: Expert

Hey, I’m Sushi, a 6 year old Australian cattle dog terrier mix. I’m 18 pounds, black with white ticking.  I’m a very intense dog when I’m working but love to cuddle with my mom when we are done. But careful I nibble when I get to excited. My favorite things to do are play Frisbee, dock dive, and play Frisbee again, yes in that order. My previous owner is a friend of my moms.  She had me and two other dogs and I just couldn’t seem to fit in the pack.  So my old mom called my new mom up, knowing she had LOVED me from the first time she met me, and the rest is history.  My mom is still in touch with my old owner and I still get to see her, which is always fun.I get to go on a lot of new adventures like hiking, camping, and seeing the sites. But the best part has to be all my new brothers and sisters. 

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