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Leia Puerto Rico


Level: Expert

Hello!  I am Leia, but you can call me Princess Leia.  I am a Diva if you’ve ever met one I mean I’ve been in a commercial, and on popular TV shows, come on.  I am 12 years old and my mom says I’m the one that started it all.  I am a gorgeous 35lb pit lab mix of some sort.  Not that it matters what I am cause I’m amazing.  I am cream and white in color with beautiful yellow eyes and I have a very soft coat.  I love to eat and sleep all day!  But don’t bug me while I’m sleeping; a princess needs her rest.  I like squeaky balls but I prefer food to anything.  I know many tricks but skateboarding is my favorite and I get lots of treats for it!  I was rescued from a backyard breeder that left my mom, sibling, and I in less than ideal conditions.  It didn’t matter if it was hot, cold, raining, or muddy; we stayed outside with no shelter.  When my mom first met me I was so dirty she thought I was brown.  Mom brought me home, cleaned me up, loved me, and now I know the good life. Mom says Im retired but I still get to eat and sleep all day... so feel it's all the same. 

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