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I lived with my grandparents growing up and we had a wide variety of animals. We were blessed to have cockatiels, chickens, rabbits, cats, and of course dogs. As a child I always struggled with the fact our animals were not allowed inside with us. My animals are now my family and we share our home and even our bed. My interest in dog sports and training began when I met Deirani. Together, we adopted a pit bull, and we named him Bass. He was only three weeks old but he grew quickly as well as his energy. We needed an outlet for him. We trained and played in obedience, agility, Disc, chuck it, I even thought him to pull me on my skateboard. We connected, we both had a blast, his energy needs were met, which meant we all had a quiet relaxing end of the day. Since then we’ve grown so much. We travel the US loving what we do everyday. It is our dream and we work hard to pursue it every day. We perform, compete, practice, train, explore, and appreciate nature. Our favorite thing to do in our down time is explore nature; camping, hiking, adventures you name it and we do it all with our dogs. We go back home to spend time with family over the holidays in Puerto Rico. There we spread the word, encouraging people to do more with their dogs. Expressing, sharing communication, connection and a relationship with my dogs is the best part. I love helping people achieve their full potential, and how dogs can help us by learning to live in our present moment. For me, life is about the experience, not material possessions, I value the experience as it builds the relationship and pulls our attention to the NOW. It reminds us to live life for what we love, what we are passionate about. One of my proudest accomplishments was our rehabilitation of our dog Ray. Ray was always shy and fearful of the environment around him. He never played, he never looked happy, he didn’t like toys or even treats. He always directed his energy towards the environmental stimuli. Trough patience, consistency, motivation, and of course help from the pack, he now is a happy and more confident dog that enjoys being outdoors! 

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