Big Man Ray




Level: Expert

Hi!  I’m Ray, I’m an 11 year old Pit Bull American Bulldog Mix.  Some people say I look like the Little Rascals dog Petey because I’m all white with a gray spot around my left eye…. I don’t see it though.  I’m a pretty laid back guy, my mom and dad say I’m a serious dog.  I like to chill and get petted but if you bring a Frisbee out I get really excited.  I like to chase my disc then take a swim in the lake to cool off.  I do some tricks as well. My mom says my sit pretty is flawless. I’d have to agree its pretty good.  I love to lye in in bed with mom and dad and lick my dad’s head, love it!  I was found wondering the streets of Austin Texas with my sister. It was a rough life, we had to scavenge for food, but luckily a nice human brought us to a rescue where my mom found me. And it was love at first sight! 

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