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Big Boy Bass California High Way 1

Spoiled Brat

Level: Expert

Hey guys!  I’m Big Boy Bass, they call me this cause I’m kind of a big deal. Literally.  I’m 10 years old, brown with white markings, pretty much the most handsome Pit bull you’ve ever seen.  When they introduce me in shows I get that WOW effect from the crowds. I love to eat anything and everything, I even get in trouble for it sometimes, but hey when you are hungry, you are hungry, righ?  Being the big guy, there isn’t anything I’m scared of, oh, except I have a problem with the sketchy trashcans at night., what up with those? I love to play disc and dive into the pool for my bumper, and then cuddle up in bed with my humans. I came from a backyard breeder in Puerto Rico, luckily my mom and dad knew how to pick the good one from the litter.

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