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Episode 2 is here!

The wait is finally over. Episode 2 is here!

As you all know we launched our first Vlog about a month ago, where we traveled from Texas to Missouri for Bass's surgery. But our trip didn't end there. We left the very cold Missouri weather and headed down to warm Florida.

Visiting our Jacks B Quick family!

Our first stop was in Tallahassee FL, where we went to visit our very good friend Travis. We meet Travis back in 2012 while traveling to Panama to do a show with our dogs. We hadn't seen him since then, so a visit was well overdue. Travis is the owner of Jacks B Quicks Resort, and competes in the sport of Jack Russell Racing. So of course we had to try lure coursing with some of the dogs.

After Tallahassee we traveled a bit more south to Spring Hill, FL for a Disc Dog competition. It was a USDDN and AWI Qualifier, meaning that if we placed in the top spots, we would earn a invite to the World Finals (super exciting). This is when we went of the grid in Social Media (sorry!). It goes without saying that we love disc dog, and when we have the rare opportunity to compete and see our disc dog family, well, we have way to much fun and kind of forget about everything else. But we promise to start doing better.