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RoKodog treat pouch review.

As dog parents we are always looking for that cool new, in style product that would not only make our lives easier, but that both us and our 4 legged kids will enjoy. This time while looking for nice, good looking dog collars we stumbled across RoKodog.

Poison Ivy in RoKodog swag

RoKodog is a Canadian based business created and owned by Leanne, a proud mom to 2 beautiful cattle dogs. Every bandanna, collar and treat pouch is carefully hand made. They love to explore the outdoors (just like us!), so she makes sure the gear she makes is gear that will last and endure all their outdoorsy activities. The best part is they give back! 5% of every purchase goes to a rescue called Raincoast Dog Rescue. This means you can shop and shop knowing you are helping a cause (guilt free)!

RoKodog approached The Canine Experience and asked us to write an honest review of their recently launched Treat Pouch. We've been following them for a while, so of course we said yes!

When we opened the package, the first thing that we thought was, OMG these are so pretty. We didn't even want to use them, because we were worried about getting them dirty (D's OCD talking). But Leanne told us not to worry, and assured us that if things get dirty they will be easy to clean. So we took a deep breath and put them on the dogs.

The second thing we noticed was the quality of both the dog collars and the treat pouch. We knew these would be hand made, but WOW. You can tell Leanne pays very close attention to detail, using quality materials like eco canvas and cork fabric. These materials make the pouch very light weight and easy to clean. The fabrics she chooses to make her gear are very pretty and unique, so expect you dog to be a head turner when wearing a RoKodog!

The treat pouch/ fanny pack:

As dog trainers and owners of 10 dogs we usually struggle to find the right treat pouch. So we where very excited to see if this one would be a fit for us.

Bliss gearing up in RoKodog.

The pouch measures 7" wide x 5.5" tall and it consists of 2 pockets. One is big with a zipper, which ideally would hold your phone, keys or even poop bags. The other one is a much smaller pocket that closes with a button. This pocket is meant to hold the treats.

Let us clarify that when RoKodog made this pouch they had the adventurous dog owner in mind. They wanted to create a pouch to take on hikes, that would hold personal belongings and some treats for the dogs, while looking very stylish. Mission accomplished!

That being said we tried it on hikes, but we also tried it for our training sessions, in which we usually train no less than 5 dogs.


When we decide to train dogs, usually all dogs get a turn. That's treats for 10 dogs! Yes, we can fill it up when switching dogs, but sometimes we'll switch a dog and forget, or we train more than 2 or 4 dogs at the same time. That's why when we are in training mode, we need a treat pouch that can hold lots and lots of treats.

This is why we decided to use the main, big zipper pocket for the treats. It worked great! We could fit a lot of treats and with the zipper, they wouldn't fall out (that is if you remember to close it). By doing this the only space left for our personals belongings was the smaller front pocket. Which we decided to use for our phone (which is an iPhone8 Plus).


When we go on hikes is a different story. We usually just take 2-3 dogs max. This way both humans and dogs can enjoy their time in nature. D put her phone (an iPhone 8 Plus) in the zipper pouch, along with a couple of poop bags and our keys. In the smaller pouch she placed a hand full of treats, enough for the 2 dogs.

The treat pouch fit perfect around her waist, she could move the pouch around her hip, and it never bothered her at all. Overall, a great hiking treat pouch.

Training with the RoKodog treat pouch.

What we liked most about the treat pouch:

We saved the best for last!

The cutest and best feature about this treat pouch is that you can match it to your dogs collar. YES! Your treat pouch can have the same fabric as your dogs beautiful collar. So you can go out hiking in style! We also loved how comfortable and light this pouch is.

What we least liked about the treat pouch:

After using it a couple of times in both situations, we have to say that the only thing was the amount of treats you can fit in the front pocket was very limited. Then again we have lots of dogs (10 to be exact). But that was easily fixed when we decided to use the big pocket for treats and the smaller one for our phone.

Bottom line:


-Well made & great quality

-Light weigh and comfortable

-Super stylish


-The space intended for treats is small (at least for us).

Would we recommend this treat pouch?

YES! Weather you're hiking or training this pouch is great. You may need to make some adjustments if you have lots of dogs, but in the end we made it work and loved it.

If you like to match your dog, and look stylish, look no further, this treat pouch is for you!

Take a look at our video review:

You can check out RoKodog and all of their gear at

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