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7 tips to keep your dog calm this New Year's eve.

New Year's Eve is just around the corner!

Although we look forward to this holiday, our four legged family members probably don't. For us this night is all about fun, dancing, food, family, resolutions and loud fireworks. But for our dogs all of this means a lot of stress and anxiety. They can get so stressed out and anxious that they may not act rational and even hurt themselves.

We thought it'd be helpful to give you guys a couple of tips that have helped us throughout the years to keep our dogs calm when it comes to this very loud holiday.

1. Work, work, work, work, work...

Exercise, exercise and more exercise is the key! Start your New Year's resolution early and go out for a run with your dog. Not a fan of running? You can also play fetch, do some trick training, or our favorite, play some frisbee. The important thing is to make sure to exercise your dog. Not only physically, but also mentally. A tired dog is a happy dog. Hopefully, when the loud noises start, your pet will be to tired, to stress out from the noises.

2. Shhhhh...

As a good dog-parent you probably noticed that when they get nervous or scared they hide under the bed, couch or some place they feel secure. Create a little sanctuary for your dog! To be extra safe we usually crate our dogs on nights like this. Get their favorite blankets (maybe put one that smells like you in the mix), grab the crate and put it in the most quiet spot on the house. You can also cover the crate with a blanket, creating a nice safe heaven for your best friend.

Know your pet!

Not all pets are the same. If your dog is not familiar with a crate they can hurt themselves trying to get out of it. If that's the case, it's best to find a room where they can't hurt themselves or damage your belongings.

Do not disturb. Pit bull sleeping.

3. Music is the key!

Your dog will definitely enjoy some music on a night like this. Calming and relaxing music helps. Set the music loud enough so it will drown most of the loud noises, but not to loud it upsets your dog (pay attention to their reaction). Another option is TV! Some dogs like TV, treat them to a night of their favorite shows (maybe some Netflix).

Like we said before, you know your dog best!

4. Let's play

Another way to keep your pet busy is with interactive toys and games. Toys like stuffed KONGS or Nylabones are great. Ideally you will use a special toy or maybe even a new interesting one so they don't get too bored too fast. For our dogs we use some of their own kibble mixed with some peanut butter inside a KONG. That usually does the trick!

Rogue enjoying a Nylabone!

5. Talk to your vet

No one knows your dog better than you. If you feel your dog would do better under some sort of calming medication, talk to your vet. We're sure they will be able to guide you on the right direction on how to medicate your dog for a night like this.

6. Show me some ID

New Year's Eve is probably the day when most dogs get lost. Even if your dog is secured inside, it may panic and find a way out. This is why it is very important to have a tag and microchip on your dog. Make sure all the info is up to date, with your current address and phone number. This way if your best bud gets lost, it can find it's way back home.

7. Go the extra mile!

For the ultimate New Year's pet getaway, grab your tent, sleeping bag, dog and camping equipment and hit nature! Retreat to a quiet spot with your best friend, light a fire and enjoy a very quiet peaceful New year's eve with your best friend.

Happy Camping!

*It's important to get your dog settled in before all the commotion starts. If they're already in a stressed and anxious state of mind, it will be a lot harder to get them to calm down. So plan ahead!

From our pack to yours, please stay safe and may the new year bring new amazing experiences for all of you to enjoy!


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