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How the journey started...

We've been traveling with our dogs for 3 years now. And every year the journey starts and ends in the same place... Puerto Rico, or as we call it HOME.

This is where we all go (yes, 9 dogs included) to spend the Off Season and Christmas. Don't get us wrong, we love what we do with the dogs, and the traveling. But its always nice to go back to see family, friends, visit all our favorite spots and eat! Oh, the food! There's no food like Puerto Rican food!

When we first made the decision, many people asked us: why would you leave such a beautiful place, with such great weather. And the answer was simple: our passion, our dogs. So, we took the plunge! We had no job set up, only a friend's house to crash in, $3,000 in the bank and 6 dogs to take with us. Yes, we were scared, but we where also excited. We had big dreams and we were determined to make them come true. We figured, if it doesn't work out we can always go back. So, we left with tears in our eyes and hope in our hearts.

And as soon as we landed in St. Louis we started questioning the decision. Did we make a mistake? Do we have enough money? What if we can't find a job?... the list went on and on. But at that point it was to late. We looked at each other took a deep breath and decided that we where going to make it happen no matter what.

We started contacting people we wanted to work with. Sending our resumes, videos of all the cool stuff our dogs did, and made made clear how eager we where to learn and grow. We were also doing some training classes with a friend, and thanks to a trick contest that our girl Bliss won we where able to get a van. And that was the turning point. We had transportation! Which would allow us to travel and do shows.

And then it happened! A company took a chance with us, and a couple of days later, we traveled to California to do our first show do in the US. We haven't looked back since!

The pack grew and so did we. Getting to play and travel with our dogs for a living, to us, that's perfection! We consider our selves pretty lucky. We discovered our passion and we worked hard, I mean really hard, to make it happen. It definitely wasn't easy, and it didn't happen fast. But the determination we had was so much bigger and stronger than anything else.

So, ask your self, what do you love? I guarantee you can make a living doing it, but you must believe in yourself. It won't be easy, and there will be some hard times, ups and downs. But with determination, patience and hard work you can make it happen, and in the end it will all be so so worth it!

Dont forget to comment below and share your thoughts on this blog post. Let us know what your passion is and how are you working towards it becoming a reality. If you already made it a reality share your journey with us! And if you liked what you’ve read, subscribe to our blog by adding your email address to the form on the bottom of the page.

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