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Primitive camping in Pennsylvania

We want to apologize for being MIA for the last month. We've been really preoccupied with everything that's been going on in our home, Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria hit the island as a hurricane Cat 5 about two weeks ago, and what it left behind was total devastation. 100% of the island was left without power, and thousands where left without water and any kind of communication. We still haven't had direct contact with our family. Thankfully a couple of friends went to check on them and we know they are alive and good. We feel powerless and useless but there is not much we can do right now, but wait.

Road trip! We are going camping!

This last month we've been stationed in Pennsylvania doing shows from Thursday to Sunday near Scranton. To clear our minds we retreat into nature the days that we have off. Needless to say the dogs are loving it and that definitely lifts our spirits.

Perfect mornings.

We are not fans of campgrounds that have amenities and full hookups. Most have dog limits, so we try to stay away from that as much as we can. So whats the alternative? We call it boondocking, but it's also known as primitive camping or dispersed camping. This type of camping requires research, and while there are some apps or websites that help, not eveverything is listed. We recommend you do the research, because in the end it will pay off. Not only these campsites are FREE, but most of them are secluded and so beautiful.

"Give me those treats." -Jet

After doing some research in the Pennsylvania area near Scranton, we discovered that State Forests have a lot of these primitive campsites available, but you will need a permit to stay at these sites. We know what your thinking... a permit? thats to much trouble. Well let us tell you, is not! We contacted the State Forest office (open only on weekdays) and we got the whole process done through e-mail! They were very helpful and super nice. We told them what we where looking for and they suggested some sites to fit Poe (our 31' RV) and that the dogs would probably enjoy. We had such an incredible experience that wanted to share our favorite boondocking spot located in Pennsylvania's Pinchot State Forest.

Theres always time for some disc.

Although this is not their only primitive camping spot (that's the term they use) it was our favorite! The site is called Sassafras Site, located at 41.2291601, -75.6069221, and it's about 40 mins away from Scranton, PA. Remember that these are primitive sites, that means no water, electric or sewer, so be prepared. Once we got our permit we headed that way (FYI we got the permit that same morning). We were given a code for a locked gate to access the site, and when we asked about dogs and if they needed to be on leash all they said was that as long as they where supervised and under control we would be fine (WIN!).

Lazy Bass

Once we got there it was beautiful! Super secluded, no one around, enough space for our RV (and more) and for the dogs to roam free and enjoy just being dogs. The site also had a picnic table and fire ring, and good cell phone service.

PLEASE, leave no trace behind. Take everything you brought with you, and leave the site as if there was no one there. We want to keep enjoying these beautiful places, and it's up to us to take care of them so that they will be here for future generations to enjoy.

The pack enjoying their stay.

We loved this site so much that we stayed at it twice! And we would definitely stay there again. But don't take our word for it. Heres a little video of our stay.

If you have any question pleae feel free to shot us a message! And don't forget to share with your friends.

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