Puerto Rico "La Isla del Encanto".

September 9, 2017

As long as we are all together, we are HOME.

We live by that, it doesn't matter where we go or what we do. But we do have a place where we are from, where our family, friends and loved ones are. That place is Puerto Rico. 



We have so much fun traveling and doing shows with the dogs, but the highlight of the year is going back for a couple of months to visit (all dogs included). We are almost done with the season which means we are going to Puerto Rico pretty soon.

These last couple of days we've been more home sick than ever.



The biggest hurricane ever to form in the Atlantic, hurricane Irma, was going to hit the island, not directly but close enough. Although our family and friends are safe, we wish we were there with them. Instead we are working, currently in Massachusets, but we have them in our hearts and minds. 


That is why in this week's blog we wanted to share a little bit of what we call home with you!