The pack behind the journey.

August 4, 2017

We're a pack of 2 Puertorican humans (Chris and D) that travel across the country in our 31 foot RV, also known as Poe, with; heres the twist, 9 dogs! YES! We are full time travelers always looking for adventure and we bring our canine companions along the way. From 10 to 70 pounds, from a chihuahua to pit bulls, our pack has it all and there is never dull moment with these guys. 

What do we do? We don't only travel for pleasure, traveling is actually our job too. We are hired along with our dogs as entertainment for different events. We showcase our dog's incredible talents through canine sports like agility, high jump, weave pole racing, dock diving, tricks and our ultimate favorite frisbee. So you will learn a lot about that.

 Another big part of what we do is promote rescue and adoption. This is something thats very dear to our hearts since most of our dogs (9/10) are rescues. The came from shelters, rescue groups or unwanted situations, but thankfully they were given a second chance (in some cases even a third). You can get to know each one of our dogs, as well as their rescue stories on our website.